Tristan Tate, The King of Red Bull – Andrew Tate’s brother broke the World Record’ for drinking most Red Bulls under 3 minutes

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Tristan Tate: Unofficially Dominating the Red Bull Challenge

The official record for the most Red Bulls consumed in three minutes remains unrecorded by Guinness World Records. Nevertheless, numerous YouTube videos have emerged, showcasing individuals surpassing old unofficial marks. Among these videos, the most renowned and widely viewed is that of Tristan Tate. Tristan set an unofficial record by consuming the highest number of Red Bull cans within the three-minute timeframe.

Andrew Tate, a controversial internet personality, gained significant online attention, ranking among the most searched men globally. Andrew, alongside his brother Tristan, boasts a successful background as former kickboxing champions. Andrew Tate holds the prestigious title of a four-time kickboxing world champion, while Tristan is a European world champion. Currently residing in Romania, both brothers recently faced house arrest.

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Tristan Tate accomplished the extraordinary feat of consuming nine cans of Red Bull in a remarkable time of approximately two minutes and thirty-seven seconds (2:36.57), surpassing the previous record of eight cans. During the peak of the Tate’s popularity, their Red Bull challenge video became the most viewed in 2022. Numerous individuals have since attempted to break Tristan’s record, yet it proves to be an arduous task. Unfortunately, the video has been removed after the Tate’s official YouTube channel was taken down. Nonetheless, fans persist in sharing snippets and clips from older videos through various social media platforms.

Prior to Tristan Tate’s triumph

Mark Evans held the unofficial record for consuming the most Red Bulls in under three minutes. Tristan successfully surpassed Evans’ record by ingesting eight Red Bull cans within the designated time limit.

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