Tips to Increase E-commerce Conversions

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Fakhir Ali
Fakhir Ali
Fakhir Ali, a Pakistani marketer, independent journalist, and YouTuber, is based in Lahore. He is the founder of iTechloud, and Dawntact. Born on February 28, 2004, in Pindi Bhattian, a tehsil in Punjab, Pakistan, he later relocated to Lahore for high school education.

Increase E-commerce Conversions is a dream that can come true – if you follow the right advice. We at The Digital World have created many digital stores that have won the hearts of the public.

Increase E-commerce Conversions: Create Content to Attract Natural Traffic

According to a study conducted by 99 firms , content marketing is a key asset for increasing ecommerce conversions . In fact, comparing content marketing with other communication strategies, we can find that “ it costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods and produces 3 times more leads for 1 dollar spent. Plus, the content converts 6x more often than any other marketing method .” Not bad, right?

Here’s how to create genuine content:

  • Check out the most searched keywords. If you use state-of-the-art tools like SEMrush you can easily spot informational keywords . The informational typology hides behind it a gold mine to be explored. In fact, informational keywords are useful for intercepting a customer’s interest (such as “tips to increase conversions of your ecommerce.” Your interest is to solve a problem , through this content we show you how to do it – and how to get in touch with us!
  • Differentiate the information that the user can find. It happens to look for a review on a product or simple information to broaden the cultural background, but often online we only find content created with the cookie cutter. In order for the user to trust you, analyze the information on the first page of Google, find out what your competitors are talking about and create complete, exhaustive and original content.
  • If you have an ecommerce for B2C products, have fun creating gritty social content that induces users to interact. In this phase your goal is to create a close-knit community that can increase your ecommerce conversions by buying, reacting and talking to loved ones about your brand.

Use Google Optimize to Create Split Tests

Google products are designed to obtain high performance at no cost. In fact, as in the case of Google Analytics, Google Optimize is also free software – and very easy to use. The goal of Optimize is to get great performance just by analyzing the data.

Thanks to Google Optimize you can create two identical versions of the site to send traffic to, perhaps by investing money in advertising on Facebook, Google and Instagram. Comparing the two versions, you will have to choose a single change to make in the second version to land on the public:

  • A modification of the text of the CTA;
  • A different color in the CTA button (deep red is unbeatable!);
  • A color, different or black and white image .

The purpose of Google Optimize is to help you create the best version of a page in order to get the most conversions. In this case with conversions we are not referring only to the purchase, but also to the subscription to the newsletter and much more!

Invest in getting good feedback

The perception of users has changed, it is no longer enough to have a strong brand that generates word of mouth. For you to truly increase your ecommerce conversions you should get high-quality feedback and reviews. 

  • Google My Business card: it is the real business card of your company. Even before landing on your site, the user will see your Google My Business profile – this also applies to those with physical offices! Make sure you have plenty of recent, comprehensive reviews that tell what it’s like to do business with you.
  • Product sheets. How annoying is it to land on a product sheet full of photos, interesting information but devoid of reviews? I imagine a lot, especially if you navigate the B2C sea. If you’re thinking about getting away with a handful of reviews written by close friends, it’s not going to work. In addition to being incorrect, a study by Podium states that “ 83% of customers say reviews need to be relevant and recent to be trusted. ” The best way to get quality feedback is to make the customer experience positive. Once the package is received, the customer will be at the height of his enthusiasm. Take advantage of this moment of joy to ask him for a review – perhaps by email.
  • Influencer reviews. After an initial friction from older people, nowadays if you have an online business, contacting an influencer is almost a mandatory step. If you’re wondering how a simple influencer can increase ecommerce conversions, the answer is in one word: community. Indeed, the influencer enjoys a certain esteem, admiration and trust. These three levers will be essential to entice your users to give your products a chance.

Use the Leverage of Persuasion 

Persuasion is a winning weapon – especially in the online world. In order for you to be able to increase E-commerce Conversions, our suggestion is to add a touch of scarcity to your site.

Often there is nothing more irresistible than a ” low stock left ” or ” the offer is valid only for the first 50 buyers. ” 

The truth behind these words is that each of us is terrified of being cut off and missing out on a great opportunity to get better .  

In this case you have two fundamental levers with which to embellish your ecommerce:

  • Scarcity : You can apply it by saying that there is little stock in stock;
  • Urgency : Show it by setting a timeline. The classic “offer ends day X” never loses its charm – and if the deadline is set within a few days, the user will be more persuaded to buy.

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Increase E-commerce Conversions

In order for your ecommerce to reach many people and entice them to buy, you need to follow a few simple rules.

  • Invest in content creation. Blog articles, videos, and social media content pique your audience’s interest and encourage them to find out more . Package content that can stimulate their curiosity and that, above all, can show them the value of what you sell.
  • Create different versions using the free Google Optimize tool. Often a small incentive is enough to convince those who are hesitant. To achieve this, we recommend creating various versions of your ecommerce pages to monitor the most persuasive one. You may find that just a color change can increase conversions!
  • Get high-quality feedback. In this phase, you could entice users to leave reviews by offering discounts or free products in exchange. An additional incentive to grow the authority of the site is to get influencers in your industry to talk about your product. There is nothing better than a well-structured review to convince users to invest in great products!
  • Offer the opportunity to install payments. By using cutting-edge tools like Klarna and Scala pay, users are more likely to spend more – knowing they can pay off in full within three months.
  • Include a persuasive touch in your ecommerce and communications. Instill a sense of urgency in the user by appealing to their need to own a product that is in short supply.
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