Our Honored Team

Our leaders, the visionaries who set the course for our journey. They steer the ship with unwavering determination, making strategic decisions that guide us toward our goals. Their wisdom lights our way, and their dreams fuel our aspirations.

Creative Sparks

The artists behind the visuals, the wordsmiths, and the creative minds who infuse our projects with beauty and meaning. They turn ideas into captivating stories, and designs into memorable experiences.

Fakhir Ali

CEO | Owner

Fakhir Ali is a digital marketer, independent journalist, and entrepreneur based in Lahore, Pakistan. He is the founder of two digital marketing companies, iTechloud and Dawntact.

Rafhan Shaukat

Co Founder

Rafhan Shaukat is a talented Pakistani 3D artist, animator, and entrepreneur. Who has made significantcontributionsto the world of animation.

Saqib Ali

Ecom. Expert

Saqib Ali has emerged as a shining example of entrepreneurial success in the realm of e-commerce. As a prominent Daraz reseller, he has established himself as a key player in the online retail space.

Kausar Ali

Creative Advisor

Kausar Ali is a multi-talented individual with expertise in both creative advising and journalism. As a creative advisor, he leverages his keen sense of innovation and strategic thinking to provide effective guidance on improving website design and content.

Awais Shaukat

Graphic Designer

Awais Shaukat is a skilled artist, graphic designer and illustrator from Pakistan, noted for his abilities in generating amazing comic book art.

Haider Khan Sikandar

Blogger/ IT Expert