Onic Sim, Revolutionizing Pakistani Telecom, Non-PTA Mobiles Support?

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Exciting news has emerged from the telecommunications industry in Pakistan, with the new digital telecom brand called “Onic Sim[1]” According to confirmed sources, Sim is set to revolutionize the way people experience mobile connectivity in the country.

This Sim is the brainchild of Pak Telecommunication Mobile Limited (PTML / PTCL), also known as Ufone[2], one of Pakistan’s leading GSM cellular service providers. Backed by the support of e& (Etisalat and), the brand launched beta trials.

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Onic Sim Offers, Price and Packages

Onic goes above and beyond by offering you exclusive discounts on online shopping. Surprisingly Onic standard Sim is free. This Sim offers 30 GB Data, 500 All Network Minutes and 1000 SMS in just RS:123/- .

Embrace the ONIC lifestyle, where you’re not just a user. You’re part of a vibrant community that celebrates the wonders of modern technology. Take control of your mobile experience with the interactive ONIC app.

Can it be used in Non PTA Mobiles?

The use of ONIC sim in non-PTA mobile phones is not substantiated by the facts presented. But keep in mind that it is connected to the Ufone SIM network, thus it’s possible that it won’t operate with non-PTA mobiles.


The introduction of Onic marks an exciting development in the Pakistani telecommunications industry. With the promise of revolutionizing mobile connectivity, Onic, backed by Ufone, holds the potential to reshape how users experience telecom services. Offering attractive packages and benefits, Onic aims to create an immersive and interactive mobile experience for its users. However, the use of Sim in non-PTA mobiles remains uncertain and needs further clarification.

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