Lil Loaded Life Story | What Happened to Lil Loaded Brother

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First of all lets talk about who is Lil Loaded? Lil Loaded born Dashawn Maurice Robertson on August 1, 2000, emerged as a distinctive voice in the rap scene. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, his breakthrough came in mid-2019 with the viral hit “6locc 6a6y.“. The realm of rap and hip-hop often intertwines with the tumultuous realities of artists’ lives. In this exploration, we delve into the mysterious circumstances surrounding Lil Loaded’s brother. A poignant incident that shook Lil Loaded world and left fans in perplexity. Let’s navigate through the details, impact, and the lingering questions surrounding this enigma.

Who Killed Lil Loaded Brother?

Some belief Lil Loaded killed his brother, whereas other people say he was murdered by a gang, however there is no legitimate information about who killed Lil Loaded’s brother. And Lil Loaded was just 15 years old then.

Lil Loaded’s Background

Robertson’s early life, rooted in San Bernardino, California, and later Dallas, Texas, shaped his perspective. Raised by a single mom with his father incarcerated, L.L. grew up amidst the challenges of the city.

His Affiliation

Affiliated with the Rollin’ 60s Neighborhood Crips, Lil Loaded’s music often mirrored the realities of his environment, reflecting the struggles and complexities of urban life.

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The Rise to Fame

L.L. began on his rap journey in late 2018, gaining attention with his rendition of YNW Melly’s “Butter Pecan” titled “B.O.S.” The turning point came in 2019 when “6locc 6a6y” garnered viral success, certifying gold in May 2021 with over 28 million YouTube views.

Robertson’s Music Journey

Signing with Epic Records, Lil Loaded continued his musical ascent, releasing notable projects like the “6locc 6a6y” mixtape in 2019, followed by “A Demon in 6lue” and “Criptape” in 2020.

However, fame brought its share of challenges. On October 25, 2020, Lil Loaded faced legal issues when he allegedly shot and killed his friend Khalil Walker during a music video recording. Despite maintaining it was an accident, he turned himself in, ultimately facing a charge of murder.

How Lil Loaded Died

Lil Loaded’s journey came to a sudden and sad end on May 31, 2021. On the first anniversary of his death, his team released “Cell Tales” accidentally. The circumstances surrounding his death, which appeared to be by suicide, brought another layer of complication to the story.

Impact on Music

The incident inevitably influenced Lil Loaded’s artistry. The pain and challenges he faced seeped into his work, with subsequent releases carrying the weight of personal turmoil.

Community Resonance

Beyond the individual, Lil Loaded’s story resonates with communities. The incident spurred conversations, possibly leading to positive changes and initiatives within the community.


In conclusion, Lil Loaded’s brother’s incident is more than a tragic tale—it’s a complex narrative of pain, growth, and the harsh realities of fame. As we ponder the intricate layers of Lil Loaded’s life, we find lessons, resilience, and the enduring impact of an artist who left us too soon.

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