Impact Of AI On Human Behavior

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Dan Madcroft was a copywriter at a small marketing company. On impact Of AI, his work used to include writing press releases, creating social media posts and creating written content for the company. but then last year his company started using artificial intelligence.

Dean explains that at the time, the idea was that artificial intelligence would help copywriters do their work faster. But he wasn’t too impressed with the work of artificial intelligence.

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“There was nothing unique about AI-powered content,” Dean says. What was unique about AI was the speed at which it worked.

Impact Of AI On Content Writers

What a copywriter used to do in 60 to 90 minutes, with the help of artificial intelligence. The same task can be done in 10 minutes or less.

Four months after the AI ​​was introduced, four people, including Dean, were fired.

Dan can’t say for sure, but he believes artificial intelligence has replaced him.

‘I used to laugh at the idea that artificial intelligence could replace writers or that it could affect my job, but then it happened,’ he explains

Updates And Losses

The latest wave of artificial intelligence started when OpenAI released ChatGPT last year. This Microsoft program can answer all kinds of questions and provide you with articles, speeches, and even cooking recipes in minutes. After that, other big companies also introduced their own programs. Google launched Bard in March. Currently, these programs are not at their best. The way they can extract anything from the sea of ​​information on the Internet is beyond the reach of a team of humans. Many people are wondering what jobs are now at risk due to this feature of artificial intelligence.

A Goldman Sachs report earlier this year said artificial intelligence could potentially eliminate 300 million jobs.

According to this report, 46% of administrative jobs and 44% of legal jobs can be automated, but only 6% of construction jobs can be automated.

The report also said that the introduction of artificial intelligence will increase productivity and create new jobs due to growth.

Evidence Of This is Also Emerging

This month, the IKEA company said that by 2021 it has trained 8,500 employees as design consultants who previously worked in call centers. As 47 percent of phone calls are now handled by the artificial intelligence program ‘cat’.

Although Ikea says that no employees will be laid off in their company, many people are worried.

According to a Boston Consulting Group survey of 12,000 people, nearly a third were worried that artificial intelligence would take their place. Majority of them are low level workers.

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