How can your phone prevent earthquakes ?

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Last month, on the night of March 21, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Due to which at least nine people were killed and 46 injured in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The epicenter of this earthquake is said to be in the Hindu Kush range in Afghanistan. And how we can prevent in earthquake?

The majority of Android phone owners in these nations at the time of the earthquake received a Google alert. notifying them of the earthquake a few seconds before or during the shocks.

Many individuals were taken aback by the emergency alert sent out via mobile devices. Wondering how Google could have known about the earthquake in advance because it is impossible to anticipate earthquakes. and How we can prevent in earthquake in mobiles.

Today, the technology in our pockets is assisting in the development of the greatest earthquake detection system. Fifty years after the first mobile phone call. But how is it all coming about?

To create an early warning system, Google is collaborating with academics at numerous colleges in California as well as the USGS.

The system alerts users seconds before an earthquake strikes.

Although this alert only reaches a user a few seconds before. Those few seconds can give you enough time to take shelter under a table or something else.

It can also be enough time to slow trains, stop planes from taking off or landing, and stop cars from entering bridges or tunnels.

Thus, this system can potentially save many lives during a severe earthquake.

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