A Voice is Needed to be Hear Loudly, Free Palestine!

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Fakhir Ali
Fakhir Ali
Fakhir Ali, a Pakistani marketer, independent journalist, and YouTuber, is based in Lahore. He is the founder of iTechloud, and Dawntact. Born on February 28, 2004, in Pindi Bhattian, a tehsil in Punjab, Pakistan, he later relocated to Lahore for high school education.

Wait: Before you go Down, keep in mind that this article is only for informational purposes.

Fakhir Ali

For Peace, Free Palestine: They Deserve It

Israel has bombarded Gaza for the 15th day in a row, as the besieged Palestine enclave faces a humanitarian disaster.

The following are the most recent casualty figures as of October 21, 2 o’clock local time (11:00 GMT):


  • Killed: At least 4,385
    • Including at least:
      • 1,756 children
      • 967 women
  • Injured: More than 13,500

Occupied West Bank

  • Killed: At least 84
  • Injured: More than 1,400


  • Killed: At least 1,405
  • Injured: At least 5,007

Discover Some About Israel’s History

The history of Israel encompasses the Southern Levant, also known as Canaan, Palestine, or the Holy Land, which constitutes the modern territories of Israel and Palestine. The establishment of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah in the Iron Age was instrumental in shaping the identities of the Jewish and Samaritan peoples and in contributing to the rich tapestry of the Abrahamic faith tradition. This historical background has played a significant role in the evolution of various religious movements, including Judaism, Samaritanism, Christianity, Islam, Druze, Baha’i, and several other cultural and spiritual traditions.

A Worries: Why Does The US Not Support a Ceasefire in Gaza?

Here is the answer:

According to Daniel Levy, a former Israeli government adviser, US support for Israeli impunity is destabilising the entire region.
Following a Hamas attack on October 7, Israel has killed over 4,385 Palestinians, destroyed entire neighbourhoods in Gaza, and cut off food, water, and electricity to millions of people.

US Vice President Joe Biden wants to give Israel billions of dollars more in aid to continue its military campaign.

The Biden administration is rejecting calls for a cease-fire while negotiating small amounts of food aid for Gaza.

Former Israeli government adviser Daniel Levy tells host Steve Clemons that US support for Israeli aggression is “leading to hell.”

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Even Israel Strikes Masjid in Occupied West Bank Refugee Camp

According to Palestinian medics, at least one person was killed in the strike on the Al-Ansar mosque.

Israel has struck a compound beneath a mosque in the occupied West Bank, killing at least one person, according to Palestinian medics.

The Israeli military claimed that the strike on the Al-Ansar Mosque in Jenin refugee camp killed several “terror operatives” from Hamas and Islamic Jihad who were using the building as a command Centre to plan attacks.

Deadly Attack On a Gaza Hospital

According to Palestinian officials in the besieged enclave, an Israeli air raid on a Gaza hospital on Tuesday night killed at least 471 people.
The al-Ahli Arab Hospital, which is run by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and is located in central Gaza, was hit while it was overwhelmed with thousands of Palestinians seeking shelter amid a campaign of brutal Israeli air attacks across much of the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to the Gaza health ministry, the hospital blast was caused by an Israeli air raid. The explosion was caused by a misfired rocket launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) armed group, according to Israel. The PIJ has denied the charge.

Last but Not Least Conclusions:
As I already told you in start of article this post is not to target someone, but we were(/ are and will be) with Palestine. We stand with Truth, will protect them till end. If you can’t speak for Palestine, speak for humanity.
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